The Learning Center at Linlee is the new home of Digital Fabber, the CNC Jamboree, Fabber Camp and other events. A close partnership between TLC and Digital Fabber will empower students and faculty to make TLC a destination school, a place that everyone wants to attend. We will provide an environment rich in technology and real-world know how. With these tools, we will put ideas in motion and see projects through to completion. By fostering creativity, we will prepare students for actual job situations. Our success will be measured by each student's preparedness for life after high school and ability to apply their knowledge in the working world.

The Learning Center at Linlee, Lexington, Kentucky.  We are very proud to announce this as the location for this years Digital Fabber CNC Jamboree. TLC at Linlee is a School of Innovation, which offers four core-content classes along with physical education and art, is a project-based learning environment with real-world applications for students.

2420 Spurr Road • Lexington, Kentucky 40511

This specially designed program, which launched in 2009-2010, serves students in grades 7-12 who thrive in a nontraditional school setting. This school is designed for kids whose learning style is characterized by a different pace, who need a smaller classroom setting or who want a more hands-on approach to instruction. (Students are eligible to play sports with their home school.)The Learning Center is housed in the old Linlee Elementary, which closed at the end of the 2007-2008 school year and was replaced by Sandersville Elementary. The Linlee property was renovated for its new use as TLC.