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We have brought you industry leaders, at the top of their game. The people that we know will provide with the answers as well as stimulating your imagination. End result ... more questions. We are here to get you to the next level.

TJ Christiansen ... ShopBot/HandiBot

TJ is an outdoorsman originally from northern Michigan.  He spent his childhood in the woods gaining an interest in different species of trees and what they can be used for.  Growing up in a family of carpenters he soon turned to learning the trade.  After spending a few summers as a camp counselor TJ decided he enjoyed teaching as much as he enjoyed woodworking.  He attended Western Michigan University and graduated as a vocational instructor for Industrial Technology.  TJ spent five years teaching high school woodworking, carpentry, welding and alternative energies. 

​After his wife was accepted to Duke University TJ had to give up his teaching position and move to North Carolina.  Luckily for him he came across ShopBot Tools where they were in need of a technicianand instructor.  Never having any CNC experience TJ was hesitant about this new adventure but TJ was soon bit by theCNC bug and knew he had to have a ShopBot of his own in his garage.  For three years now TJ has been designing projects, assembling machines, teaching others how to use their ShopBot and spending any free time his wife will let him have out in the garage cutting out projects.

Joe Lovchik ... CarveWright (LHR Technologies)

Joe Lovchik has spent his whole life creating things.  His artistic talent was discovered at a very young age as he was always drawing pictures and, even today, it is rare not to find a sketch of something on his desk that he has mindlessly doodled.  Joe's passion for art led him to earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Wichita State University.  During his early years in college, Joe worked as an art director for a major sportswear company where he gained knowledge in industry marketing and brand management. His career was further expanded as he spent the next 10 years working as Art Director for advertising agencies specializing in brand development. One such brand was a side project for his brother Chris, the inventor of a new personal-sized CNC now known as the CarveWright System. 

​Eventually persuaded to move to Texas, Joe became the Marketing Director for CarveWright. Since joining LHR full-time in 2007, he has played several key roles in its growth including development of the company website, marketing and sales materials, creation of learning tools, videos and tutorials, and conceptualization of new product development. His knowledge and expertise in graphics software has allowed him to help guide the software developers in their advancement of the CarveWright software.  Using these resources, Joe has become the expert for CarveWright Systems.

Randy Johnson ... ShopBot/HandiBot

Randy Johnson directs education outreach activities for ShopBot Tools, where he helps schools integrate CNC technology into their technology, engineering, woodworking, and art programs.

​Randy also presents on a wide variety of CNC topics at ShopBot Camps (user group meetings) around the country. Prior to ShopBot, Randy served as Editor in Chief at American Woodworker magazine.Randy lives in Minnesota, where he enjoys sailing in the summer, ice biking in the winter and woodworking all year around.

Michael Tyler ... CarveBuddy

Michael enjoys the use of both traditional and contemporary Creative Arts mediums. A background in music led him to a career as a Music Technology consultant when computers were just beginning to be utilized for music composition, recording and publishing. In 1987, he founded one of the first mail-order music software and hardware companies in the country. All the while, his side interests included designing and building stained glass windows and lamps, deep relief sandblasting (in glass) and woodworking, to mention a few.

​In January 2007, Michael added a new tool to his workshop - a CarveWright/CompuCarve CNC machine. He quickly developed a fascination for the creative potential this technology held and resolved to make the most of it. 

​By April of 2007, Michael founded the CarveBuddy company to offer products and resources to others with similar interests. In December 2010, a ShopBot Buddy PRS Alpha BT48 was added to Michael's workshop alongside his two CarveWright machines.

​What began as a casual hobby has grown into a full-time business, working with companies such as CarveWright, Vectric Ltd., ShopBot, Vector Art 3D,  independent antique dealers, cabinet shops and more. Michael has produced hundreds of digital relief models, CNC woodworking projects and a host of informational materials for the enjoyment of CNC owners worldwide. 

​Below: samples of Michael Tyler's art.

Jason Allen ... Digital Fabber

Jason Allen has fulfilled his father’s lifelong dream of having his own woodshop and business. In a small shop in Dublin, Ohio, USA, Jason is finding his dreams coming true, as well.

​Written by: Connie Ratisseau

​Of his CarveWright machine Jason says, “Without this little machine, my life would not be the way it is now and it is pretty good!”

​I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Allen at my first Woodworking Show in St. Louis (Collinsville). What struck me most was his enthusiasm and energy. His passion for what he was doing and excitement for the world of CNC was infectious not just to me, but for everyone fortunate enough to speak with him as they came into our booth that weekend. The record number of machines we sold that weekend has not been broken.

Researching Jason’s website, I was profoundly struck again by his character that shines through his website. I was reminded of the Girl Scout Promise that I took years ago. “On my honor, I will try: to serve God, my country and to help people at all times…” That is Jason Allen. On Spirituality, Jason professes, “I am not a Sunday Christian. I am, however, a believer…(that realizes)…when I stop being selfish and start listening to what God is telling me. I get rewarded.” His rewards are abounding by his company that is finally flourishing and he attributes some of that success to his CarveWright. “Without this little machine, my life would not be the way it is now and it is good!”

​Jason purchased his first Hobbyist CNC machine about 4 years ago. “I researched the machine for a year (before purchasing) and I wish I hadn’t lost that time.” Jason is currently looking for a home for his multiple CNCs, a retail space that he will call the Carved Sign factory (more on that later). Since his father’s death seven years ago this past May, Jason has been busy realizing his father’s dream to have his own Woodshop. Left with his tools and a lifelong exposure to woodworking and metal machining, he built The LittleRedWoodshop in Illinois and has used its success as a launching point.

​“That’s the beauty of it (CarveWright – hobbyist CNCs). Regular Joe’s like me from a variety of backgrounds can use it.” Jason claims to have “inherited his (fathers) tools, but not his talent.” One look at his work and it is obvious Jason has found his talent. Jason creates beautiful lithopanes (Greek word meaning “light in stone”) from Corian. His “Jesus Wept” and “Whole World in His Hands” Lithopanes cannot be appreciated in a photograph as they are in person with the light shining from behind his carvings. Jason considers himself to still be practicing. “I thrive on reactions…I always get a WOW. And that WOW is what keeps me working towards perfection.”

​Jason is not just a CarveWright user; he was the leader in forming the CNC Art Guild; an idea that began on the CarveWright User’s Forum and within weeks became a reality. The CNC Art Guild ( at printing time has over 500 members all over the United States and in multiple countries, of individuals that have an interest in sharing ideas and information with fellow CNC Artists and Users. “That’s the beauty of it (CarveWright). Regular Joe’s like me from a variety of backgrounds can use it.” Of the CNC Art Industry, Jason states, “it is a totally new industry waiting to blossom and explode.” At his shop, Jason also creates signs many of which have a military theme. An ex-member of the US Army Medical Corps and coming from a long line of military family members, Jason’s patriotism is evident from his website.

After seeing one of his military signs, Jason was asked to participate in a memorial to fallen war hero and Medal of Honor recipient, Cpl. Jason L. Dunham. Read about Cpl. Jason L. Dunham at memorial at his website.

​Note from Jason Allen: My most recent endeavor is the founding of the Digital Fabber Magazine & Community. We thank all of you for your continued help and support. Learn more at