Classes will include ... 


     Aspire basics and advanced.

     Rhinocerus ... modeling tools for designers 

     Sketch Up - from napkin to manufacturing


          Designer 2.0 ins and outs

     What do I need to run my 3D Printer?

     ​Free Downloads.


     The PlotClock

     Quad Copter 101 and Advanced

     Technology Based Projects

     Project selection and development

     Documenting Student Projects

​     Online Resources and Tools

​     The Digital Fabber mobile production lab - "The Trailer"

     The Digital Fabber Challenge - more on this later. Stay Tuned


     ShopBot Desktop as a mini manufacturing lab

     Turning - 4th Axis

     The CarveWright Personal CNC machine

          Machine maintenance

     What is a HandiBot?

     Intro to 3D printers

Project Completion:

     Engineering an Idea: Design to Art to Creation 

     The Business of Carving

     Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

     Carving Photos in Wood

     Lithophanes - "How did you do that?"

     Lit Acrylic - all of the parts and pieces

     Faux Finishing ... is that gold?.

​     Bank It 

and many more