"What is DigitalFabber?" 
You might be asking yourself, “Who, or what, is Digital Fabber”? It is a movement, a collective awakening of the creative spirit, a group of like minded people empowering one another to Carve It, Cut It, Stitch It and Print It. With the use of CNC tools like routers, lasers, long arm quilters, and 3d Printers, we are creating real world solutions to everyday problems. We do it in the privacy of our own homes, in a shop, at a hacker meeting, and even at public high schools.

Our Mission Statement:
Sharing Digital Fabrication Technologies through the use of computerized tools and software.

is also an informational website (
www.DigitalFabber.com), an online Magazine of sorts. It's a place where we share all of the latest technologies and techniques: Build Blogs, Digital Patterns and Project Plans, all of the training videos we can find, and so much more.

We also provide an online community ...
www.DigitalFabberCommunity.com). It has become a single location to gather and chat, post to forums, browse photo and video galleries, and educate yourself or others about what a fabber is and does.

"t3IR" Welcome to the Third Industrial Revolution.
What is a Fabber? A fabber (short for digital fabricator) is a “factory in a box” that makes things automatically from digital data. Fabbers generate three-dimensional, solid objects you can hold in your hands, submit to testing, or assemble into working mechanisms. They are used by manufacturers around the world for low-volume production, prototyping, and mold mastering. They are also used by scientists and surgeons for solid imaging, and by a few modern artists for innovative computerized sculpture. Manufacturers report enormous productivity gains from using fabbers. 

What is a CNC Machine?
Well you can use all kinds of techno jargon when it comes to this, but we choose to stay away from that and just say it like this: CNC is any device that is controlled by a computer. It could be a router, a laser, and embroidery machine, a 3d printer, a long arm quilter (the list really does go on forever). Any number of things fit into this category.

Testimonial ... "I learned a ton last year and am looking forward to even greater exchange of information this year. The food was great, the people were awesome and the campground makes for a very relaxing setting." Scott Smith